Quality Assurance

Quality and production management systems
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning)

We have implemented the ERP system to provide the management with accurate internal and external data, in a systematic way.

SFT (Shop Floor Tracking)

SFT tracking system has been implemented in order to improve production management. This system feeds information into the ERP system in order to efficiently manage production.

SOP (Standard Operating Procedure)

SOPs are established for every customer and every product, so that we can clearly manage the production of each order, according to what was negotiated with the customer. In such way, we are able to give a personalized service to our customers.

PFM (Pithy-Formula Management)

We implemented PFM to help operators to memorize the correct production steps in order by making short poems of the details using references of Taiwanese cultural elements. This way the probability of mistakes is decreased, and in addition, the work is less stressful.

Wax-Recycle System

We have developed a wax recycling system, which not only reduces the industrial waste, but also gives us advantages on production costs

Central Wax Supply System

The central wax supply system allows us to efficiently control the input of new and recycled wax into the production.

CMMS (Color Management Material System)

We have implemented a color management system to distinguish which kind of material should be poured into each sand shell. A different color have been assigned to each kind of metal. The simplicity of the system is its main advantage, as operators can focus their attention on the good and safe performance of the casting process.

CTLM (Casting Temperature Level Management)

Because different materials (steel, stainless steel, others) have different fusion temperatures, the sand molds need to be able to stand different levels of heat. Therefore, the materials used for the sand shells vary depending on the temperature of the metal that is going to be poured into them. In order to make it easy for our operators to identify which kind of material needs to be used to create the sand shells, we have implemented a system of marks on the wax runners which they can easily follow.

Quality Certifications
ISO9001:2008 Lloyd’s Register
TÜV Rheinland
Certificate No:TWN6010929
Certificate No:01 100 039195
Certificate No:QA110102
PED 97/23/EC & AD2000 W0 TÜV Certificate No:01 202 ROC/Q-03 0072
ISO/TS 16949:2009 LR Certificate No:TWN6010929
Maritime-LR/BV/DNV Lloyd’s Register
Det Norske Veritas
Certificate No:MD00/3437/0005/2
Certificate No:SMS.W.II./61302/C.0
Certificate No:AMMM00000RT
ISO/IEC-17025:2005 TAF Certificate No:L2356-120118
ISO-14001:2004 ACS REGISTRARS Certificate No:TW/33/0699051286
OHSAS-18001:2007 ACS REGISTRARS Certificate No:TW/33/0699051286
 ISO 13485:2003 TNV Certification Pvt Ltd.  Certificate No:150121058801
Lloyd's Register (LR)    Certificate No:TWN6010929
Manufacture of investment castings products.
TÜV    Certificate No:01 100 039195
Manufacturing and Sales of Investment Steel Casting for Pressure Purposes, Machinery Parts of Vehicle, of Motorcycle of Pneumatic Tools, and Metal Hardwares of Ship/Boat.
EQA ANAB    Certificate No:QA110102
Investment Lost-Wax Casting, Processing and Sales of Metal Parts (Pressing Components for Car, Motor, Machine and Ship)
PED 97/23/EC & AD2000 W0
TÜV    Certificate No:01 202 ROC/Q-03 0072
Range of materials:
Steel casting for pressure purposes.
Lloyd's Register (LR)    Certificate No:TWN6010929
Manufacture of investment castings for automotive parts.
Lloyd's Register (LR)    Certificate No:MD00/3437/0005/2
Casting in Carbon, carbon-manganese, alloy and austenitic stainless steel (maximum weight: 40kg)
Bureau Veritas (BV)    Certificate No:SMS.W.II./61302/C.0
Recognition For BV Mode II Scheme
Recognition for the manufacturing of carbon steel and austenitic stainless steel casting of valves for marine application (maximum weight: 40kg)
Det Norske Veritas (DNV)    Certificate No:AMMM00000RT
Approval of Manufacturer For Steel Casting
Steel types: Carbon and carbon-manganese Austenitic stainless Max. weight:40kg
ISO/IEC17025 Laboratory Management System Certification
TAF(Taiwan Accreditation Foundation)    Certificate No:L2356-120118
Accreditation Number:2356
ISO-14001:2004 Environmental Management System
ACS Registrars LTd.    Certificate No:TW/33/0699051286
Precision casting and manufacture of metal parts for Machinery.
OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health and Safety Management System
ACS Registrars LTd.    Certificate No:TW/33/0699051286
Precision casting and manufacture of metal parts for Machinery.
TNV Certification Pvt Ltd.    Certificate No:150121058801
Medical Equipment and Parts Precision Casting and Machining.


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