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CITIMETAL GROUP CORP. is an investment casting company established more than 25 years ago, in 1985. Our company is located in southern Taiwan, in Jiali District, Tainan City. Thanks to our creativity and focus on continuous improvement, our manufacturing system has achieved various global quality certifications throughout the years.

We are always striving to maintain our quality control mechanisms up to date with internationally accepted quality and production standards, best practices and regulations. In that way, our customers can be at peace of mind that their products are always manufactured up to the highest quality standards, when working with us.

We manufacture investment casting products for several industries and applications, including but not limited to:
Valves for various applications (Including the maritime)
Pumps and drainage components
Pneumatic tools
Food processing, distribution and catering equipment and machinery
Industrial machinery and equipment in general
Construction industry
Medical components and prosthesis
Other applications.

Our precision investment casting process can manufacture goods in a wide range of steel grades in accordance to ASTM, AISI, DIN and JIS standards. Additionally, due to our vast experience in the metal working market, we have develop strong business relationships with partners who help us to provide our customers with complementary services such as sand casting, die casting, forging, and other metal forming techniques.

We are always looking for new ways to improve our investment casting process in a creative and feasible way. We hope that our castings not only become part of the needs of the industrial sector, but that they serve to the wellbeing of the public in general.

A Wining Team, A Business Development Focused Culture!
Fostering Creativity  
We motivate our employees to suggest creative solutions to daily problems and develop new techniques to improve productivity and quality, taking advantage of currently owned technology.
Controlling environmental impact  
Investment casting is characterized by the use of huge amounts of electricity and fossil fuel in order to reach the high temperatures needed by the industrial furnaces utilized during the process. The energy lost in the process, in form of thermal energy that escapes to the environment is also very high. Additionally some of the substances used in the process may have adverse effects on the surrounding ecosystems.
Heat Recycling System
  Conscious of the impact of CO2 emissions in the global warming, and immediate impact that our process have on our surroundings, we have designed a system that allows us to recover the energy that dissipates into the environment in the form of heat. Through a system of pipes, we heat up water with the thermal energy originated from the industrial furnaces and redirect it to the places in the process that require of that heat. In this way we reduce CO2 emissions and achieve great savings on fuel cost. Thus, we can prove to our customers and the market in general that taking care of the environment is not an extra load on the company’s budget, but a profitable investment for the business and a gift for future generations.
Residual Water Treatment
  Aware of the effects that some of the substances employed during the process may have on the water sources, we have set in place a residual water treatment system to mitigate the environmental impact of our processes.
Continuously Improving Quality  
We believe that continuous quality improvement is the key to low defect rates, which is translated into shorter delivery times, outstanding quality and excellent customer service.
Empowering Our Collaborators  
We empower the different organizational groups to improve their own systems, while taking into account their impact on other groups. We believe that all departments can cooperate to build and maintain a strong organizational base on which we can continue to build up for increased business and production capabilities.
Supporting our human resource  
We believe that our collaborators are the most valuable resource of CITIMETAL, and we constantly help them to further develop their skills. In this way, and thanks to the loyalty of our employees, we have accumulated valuable technical knowledge throughout the years. Is our policy to keep steadily building up our knowledge through talent management. By doing so, we take advantage of our experience and the support that modern computer technology can offer to improve our processes and to increase customer satisfaction levels.
Encouraging a Win-Win Attitude  
We believe that been honest with our customers, employees and suppliers can create synergy that will improve the quality and profitability of every part of the supply chain. Our suppliers and our customers are also part of our Wining Team!
2000 Implemented Total Quality Management to control the quality of the castings.
2002 EQA-ANAB ISO 9001 U.S.A (EQAICC-Q-R5078)
2003 ─  Approved by EMERSON U.S.A as a supplier of quality precision investment castings.
  ─  Approved by DAIDO casting co. (Japan), as a supplier of quality precision investment castings.
  ─  TÜV ISO-9001 (01 100 039195)
  ─  TÜV PED (01 202 ROC/Q-03 0072)
  ─  TÜV AD2000 (01 202 ROC/Q-03 0072-AM)
2004 ─  Set up a new auto wax supply and recycling system.
  ─  Set up new machining facilities.
2005 ─  Purchased a universal testing machine (Impact+Tension).
  ─  Purchased a metallographic microscope.
2006 ─  Purchased dipping and coating mechanical equipment.
  ─  Implemented an ERP system.
2007 ─  BV mode II scheme of the Bureau Veritas (Taiwan) (SMS.W.II/61302/A.1)
  ─  Certificate for investment castings in carbon, carbon-manganese, alloy and austenitic stainless steel (maximum weight 40 kg) from Lloyd’s Register Inspection Limited Taiwan. (MD00/3437/0001/2)
2008 ─  Approved by Det Norske Veritas as a certified manufacturer of carbon and carbon-manganese austenitic stainless steel. (AMM-3445)
  ─  Purchased a 2.5D vision measurement system.
  ─  Implemented a Capability Maturity Model (CMM).
2009 ─  Purchased new precision wax injection equipment.
  ─  Implemented a heat recycling system.
2010 ─  Purchased a German BRUKER spectrometer.
  ─  Purchased approximately 54,000 squared feet of land for future factory expansion.
  ─  Set up a liquid waste recycling system
  ─  Approved by AIDC Taiwan as a quality supplier for investment castings.
  ─  ISO/TS 16949:2009 (TWN6010929)
2011 ─  Implemented a Shop Floor Tracking (SFT) system.
  ─  Purchased a new high frequency induction furnace.
  ─  Purchased a second German BRUKER spectrometer.
2012 ─  ISO/IEC 17025:2008 (2356)
─  Purchased additional land for future business expansion, so that the current land amount owned by the company is aproximately 700,000 squared feet
1985 CITIMETAL GROUP CORP. was founded.
1986 Started to produce precision investment castings by building up our self-owned brand name of fittings, “KBT”, in the Taiwanese market.
1987 Qualified to cooperate with KITZ (Japan), as a supplier of castings.
1988 Qualified to cooperate with TOYO (Japan), as a supplier of castings.
1989 Qualified to cooperate with TLV (Japan), as a supplier of castings.
1991 ─  Obtained a large quantity of orders by cooperating with a world famous golf brand.
─  "KBT” fittings proudly becomes the brand used by the Taiwanese government.


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