Minimizing carbon Emission:
caring for the earth
Investment casting operations require a great amount of electricity, oil, and water. Is our compromise with the surrounding communities and with the environment in general, to invest in research and development, as well as in the acquisition of technology and equipment that allow us to use the resources in the most efficient way possible, maximizing productivity, while minimizing industrial waste.

We believe that the investment casting industry can also produce goods in an ecologically friendly and sustainable way, not only by pursuing more efficient manufacturing techniques, but also by utilizing technology that reduces the impact of our operations in the environment.
Wastewater management system
We count with a wastewater management system which help to reduce the environmental impact of our processes. We make our best effort to protect the environment, because we believe that wealth can be generated while respecting our planet, so it can be preserved for the future generations.
Heat Recycling System
In order to reduce the global warming, the amount of CO2 released to the atmosphere needs to be controlled. Because we care for the future of our planet, and the future generations, we have designed a heat recycling system, which takes advantage of the heat generated by our sintering furnaces to heat water, which is then used at different points in our process. In such way, we maximize the use of resources, avoiding the need for an additional boiler, and the tons of fuel that it would consume in order to achieve the same results.

In this way we reduce CO2 emissions and fuel costs, by re-capturing the excess heat generated by the furnaces. In this manner, we show to our customers and the market in general that taking care of the environment is not an extra load on the company’s budget, but a profitable investment for the company and for the human race.
Industrial Air Filtering Sytem
Citimetal is always concerned about the well-being of its employees, which are our most valuable asset. We follow very strict occupational safety and health regulations, to assure the good health of our employees.

The acids used during the passivation process generate a considerable amount of gases, which include Sulfur Dioxide, Nitrogen Dioxide, Sulfuric Acid, among others. In order to provide our collaborators with safe working conditions, and reduce the impact of these substances on their health, we have implemented an industrial air filtering system.
Centralized Dust Collection System
During the lost wax casting process, different materials, additives, and substances are used. Because some of these materials come in the form of fine powders, or contain impurities in the form of dust, such particles will quickly saturate the air in our factory. Not to mention that the constant movement of finished products, materials, components, and other things in and out of the factory generates a tremendous amount of dust. The amount of free particles suspended in the air due to the above mentioned reasons, present a serious risk for the health of our operators, suppliers and customers. Therefore, we have installed a centralized dust collection system, which assures that the level of suspended particles in the air stays within safety limits.


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