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Citimetal, in its search for providing our customer with five stars service, made the decision to execute all laboratory analysis and material tests inside of our facilities. Therefore, the most critical tests, such as chemical analysis for example, can be performed “on the spot”, reducing the test-result delivery time and thus increasing the speed of our production process.

Because of our orientation to international markets, we know that results vary from one laboratory to the other and that testing practices and methodologies change from one country to other, or even from one industry to the other. Given the diversity of markets and industries that Citimital caters to, the necessity to provide our customers and suppliers with an easy way to understand and evaluate our results was very clear. In line with the idea that clear reference points facilitate communication and minimize the occurrence of errors, we have worked towards the standardization of our laboratory, and now we are proudly the first precision investment casting foundry in Taiwan with an ISO/IEC170251 certified material testing laboratory.

Advantages and Benefits
1. Reduced test to result delivery time.
2. Cost effective material testing allow us to offer our customers competitive pricing and high quality.
3. Increased flexibility to manufacture parts which require intensive testing to comply with strict quality standards.
4. Chemical Composition of the Materials used for the casting can be measured and Certified on the spot.
5. The peace of mind that can only be obtained by knowing that all tests are conducted in an ISO/IEC17025 approved laboratory, by trained professionals that are specialized in the investment casting industry.
  CITIMETAL MATERIAL LABORATORY, Lab Accreditation code "2356". Certificate available for review at
As part of our policy, all laboratory equipment must be handled only by properly trained personnel. In such way we assure the correctness of the results and assure that the equipments are kept in excellent operation conditions at all times. Therefore, each machine has an assigned operator, who is responsible for the maintenance, calibration and operation of the machine.
Our laboratory currently counts with the following equipment:
Name Brand/Type Purpose Testing Parameters
OES (Spectrometer) BRUKER-Q8 Analyze the chemical composition of carbon steels, stainless steels and other alloys in order to evaluate if the chemical composition of the material is in accordance with our quality standards.  
Universal Testing Machine - Tension Test CY-6040A1 Tension testing of carbon steel, stainless steel or other alloys. The equipment will measure:
- Maximum tensile strength
- Yielding strength
- Elongation
1. Use of dumbbell specimens
2. Up to 50,000 kg of loading
Universal Testing Machine -
Impact Test
CY-6790 Impact testing of carbon steel, stainless steel and other alloys to measure fracture toughness. 1. Charpy impact testing
Metallurgical Microscope OLYMPUS GX41 Metallurgical observation of carbon steels, stainless steels and other alloys to evaluate if the microstructure of the metal is in accordance with quality standards. Zoom: up to 50X
2.5D non-contact video
measuring system
ARCS Dimensional inspection of the parts.  
3D Coordinate Measurement System Mitutoyo AE-112 Dimensional inspection of the parts.  

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Due to the nature of our process, many of the studies require that the material is destructed in some way. Take as an example spectrographic analysis, in which the metal is vaporized to determine its chemical composition, or the impact test, in which a metal specimen is hit in order to determine its resistance to impact. However, such kind of analysis are not suitable for testing final goods, and thus we need to rely on Non Destructive Testing (NDT).

NDT refers to a set of material testing methodologies used to evaluate if the characteristics of a material complies with customer’s specifications without causing damage to the test subject. In order to assure the good quality of the final goods, a series of NDT can be performed in the finished products, according to customer’s requirements, such as:

Examination Method Level
Acoustic Emission I II
Electromagnetic I II
Liquid Penetrant I II
Magnetic Particle I II
Neutron Radiography I II
Radiography I II
Thermal/Infrared I II
Ultrasonic I II
Vibration Analysis I II
Visual I II
QC equipments View More Album
Name Purpose Testing Parameters
Mini Recorder TAIYU 0-10
Hardness Tester MASTWZAUA 0-90℃
Thermoscope 昶昇 HOPICE 0-1800℃
Measuring Weight 唐正 Pig Iron 1Kg
Measuring Weight 唐正 Pig Iron 2Kg
Hardness Specimen CLC HRC-6.25 62.7±0.2
Hardness Specimen CLC HRB-91.2 91.4±0.2
Standard Specimen for Dial Caliper CLC DM
Height Gauge MITUTOTYO  
Caliper MITUTOTYO 0~200mm
Caliper MITUTOYO 0~300mm
Caliper KANON  
Thickness Gauge KORI 0~10mm 
Microscope 大昶  
Grinding Machine 大昶  
Height Gauge MITUTOTYO 125mm
Standard Specimen MBH SS401/1 WCB
Standard Specimen MBH SS401/3 WCB
Standard Specimen MBH SS401/5 WCB
Standard Specimen MBH SS401/7 WCB
Standard Specimen MBH SS401/8 WCB
Standard Specimen MBH SS401/10 WCB
Standard Specimen MBH 15J1 304/316
Standard Specimen MBH 15K1 304/316
Standard Specimen MBH 15L1 304/316
Standard Specimen MBH SS465/1 304
Standard Specimen MBH 13X-12853 316
Standard Specimen MBH C.B.A. WCB
Standard Specimen MBH HC5.400C/H3B.500D Hastelloy
Standard Specimen MBH RN 19/19,RE 12/65,RH 31/24
304/316/17-4 DCS-1
Profile Projector Nikon V-16D
Surface Roughness Tester Mitutoyo SJ-301
2D Electronic Heigh Gauge Tesa 3939036
Heigh Gauge Tesa 450mm
3 point inside micrometer Mitutoyo 10-60mm
Outside micrometer Mitutoyo 0-200mm
Vernier Calliper Mitutoyo 150mm
Vernier Calliper Mitutoyo 150mm
Vernier Calliper Pearock 150mm
Lever Dial Gauge  Tesa 5-50mm
Granite table Mitutoyo 60 X 90cm
Gauge block Mitutoyo 0-100M/M
Ring Gauge Smiec 16-50M/M


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